Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Can You Hear Me Now?

I'm trying some new stuff for my business.  Google Ad Words.  I find this to be very complicated but every day I try to learn more.  I finally have it set so when (in our area) hearing aids are clicked on my business is generally right on top.  It's tough.  There is a lot of competition here.  On National Highway alone there are 3 other hearing aid businesses within miles of one another.  

This July will start our sixth year.  Even though Gary has retired, I still say 'our' because he will pitch in and help when needed.  He's good like that.

We get a lot of referrals from satisfied customers.  We also have many customers because of the big gold ear in our front yard.  This year our 'ear guy' is going to carve us a new ear.  It's time.

Business is good and we beat all competition in pricing.  I love working with the elderly (mostly).   Servicing their hearing aids and sometimes just counseling them on how to use them or what to expect.  Today one of my customers hugged me tight before she left and said, "I love coming here.  You are not only my hearing aid provider...  you have become such a good friend as well."

This is going to be another great year.  January, which is usually quite slow,  has been very prosperous!

Come on over to ALL ABOUT HEARING and check us out!   My web page is not perfect...  but I did it myself and I change it around a lot.  I get a fair amount of business from it.

Hey, Phil says spring is just around the corner!  Are you as ready as I am??