Saturday, January 9, 2016

Goodbye Christmas

Today was Take One Half of the Christmas Decorations Down Day.  All but the Christmas Village was packed away and toted to the shed out back.  It felt good.  Getting rid of Christmas.  

This has been my Christmas for the past two years:  Celebration on the outside, brokenhearted on the inside.  It takes its toll.  

It's okay though.  Every single year the fluff of Christmas fades more and more and God comes nearer...  reminding me that celebrating Jesus is the real reason for the season.  Not that I don't know that already.  But there's something about suffering loss that brings more light to the real reason, Jesus.  

And so the Christmas Village will stay up until the end of January so the kids can get their fill of play...  and then that too will be packed away.  And I will be counting down the days till spring.  Then summer.  Then fall.  And if it be God's will, we will see Christmas again next year.