Friday, March 25, 2016

No Place Like Home

Today I helped empty out my sister Lindy's clothes closet.  Most was taken to Goodwill but I brought several shirts home for myself.  Her perfume still lingers.  Her presence is undeniable.

Her favorite flowers on one of her favorite sweatshirts

It was strange.  Invading her privacy like that.  Going through her clothes and throwing them into garbage bags as though she would never be coming home.

But it's true.  She would not be coming back to her earthly home.

I grabbed a photo from her refrigerator before I left.  Gene (her husband) said I could have it for Lindsey.  I remember the day like it was yesterday.  June 8, 1990.  We loved going to plays.  The Wizard of Oz was playing at ACC and we had front row seats.  Going to plays with Lindy was so much fun.  She showed such enthusiasm and excitement.  The highlight of this particular play was when my two year old Lindsey decided to plead with the mean wicked old witch during the scary scene...  saying aloud, "Please don't hurt me wicked old witch..  please don't hurt me."  We talked about that all the way home.

After working so hard cleaning out her clothes closet, we did what Lindy would have wanted to do had she been here.  We went to the casino to play.

I did not think about it.  Honestly, I did not give it a thought.  I played what has become my favorite machine and yea, I have won a little here and a little there.  I have never won over $65.   (I am not a gambler.  Just like to play a little now and again but I usually lose)  The machine:  The Wizard of Oz.  Suddenly Dorothy's slippers started clicking and clanking and moving around the screen and my money was growing...  my $50 became $75.... then $100...  up, up, up it went... and before you know it I had $286 racked up!!!!

I collected my money and waited on the others to finish playing (and losing).  And as I waited and held tight to my winnings, I thought about what had just happened.  I don't really believe in luck but this did not seem coincidental...  no more than snow on the day of her funeral had.  I thought of the picture in my purse pocket...  the one of that magical night of The Wizard of Oz play and I knew.  Lynn was with me.  In my heart.  On my mind.  On my side.  I can't explain it because it is magical.  Beyond understanding.  It just is.

She's with God.  And she's clicking her heels saying, "There's no place like home."  And she is.  Home.


  1. Amen; that is so true, she is home and one day she'll be there to welcome you into your eternal home. I don't believe in coincidences either; I believe God knows our heart and he organizes such events like this to let us remember he cares for us and he knows how much we miss our loved ones.


  2. Cleaning out the closet would not have been my favorite thing, but so necessary for you to do it rather than Gene. I'm glad it wasn't overly stressful and that you had a chance to unwind at the casino - Yeah, something special going on there, but then you always were a winner, especially in your family's eyes. Hugs!

  3. Dear Bobbi, I remember going through my sisters things-thankfully she did it before she passed. It's been ten years now and I miss her just the same, but know she is happy being with our Savior. Sending big hugs your way.

  4. We just got our floors renovation done in our house so everything was misplaced.

    Before placing back I am cleaning and rearranging the closet and cupboards .tiring yet happy to have new floors.

    I adore your memormemories related to your sister and hope she will love and miss you too