Thursday, December 24, 2015

All Too Familiar

Last year at this time my brother was dying of cancer.  It was a sad time in my life and by January's end he was gone.

This year my sister Lindy is very ill.  Late stages of renal failure.  Hospice is in every day to make her journey from this life to the next easier.  I expect that this will be her last Christmas.  This is all too familiar.

I will say I am heartbroken.  But the show must go on.  And tomorrow we celebrate Christmas and it will be a fun day for all.

Tonights Candlelight service was BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, AWESOME.  It's so like our Creator to remind me of His Love at a time when I am feeling broken inside.  

For a season in my life my sister was my very best friend.  We lived next door to one another and we shared in each others lives...

Christmas time was something anticipated for months in advance.

We had traditions.

There was lots of cookies and fudge.   Many excited kids.  New faces.  Blessings.


Sarcasm.  Jokes.  Lengthy sisterly talks.

After Christmas was her puzzle time.

She would take down all of her Christmas decorations and put a card table up in the back room, her puzzle table.  There she would spend the winter days putting her puzzles together.

Springtime would bring the promise of kids outside, playing.  My kids.  Her grandkids.  Neighbor kids.

And those kids could always count on her passing out cookies at one point in the day.

She loved kids.  She made times special.  She lived her life with laughter and she will leave this world with laughter as well.  I do not see fear or regret in her spirit now when we talk.  She lost her daughter suddenly last year and I really think she grieves deeply within herself and will be at rest once she has left this world.  There will be a reunion one day.  Oh, that wonderful day when God wipes away all tears.

Until that day, I will miss my sister dearly once she's gone.  My forever friend.  Please, pray for comfort and peace within the family.  Thank you all.  God bless and have a beautiful Christmas celebrating God's greatest gift: Jesus