Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Peace at Christmas

It's past Christmas magic that I will hold closest to my heart as time marches on.

The big red, green, blue and yellow lights.



Lighting up the little dingy living room that was ours.

 Bubble lights, bubbling away.  Hot.  Big.  Colorful.  Magical.

 The smell of Christmas.

Long pine needles simmering slowly in the festive heat of bright, steady reds and greens.


New smells.  Dolls.

Dolls with several outfits and baby bottles that give an illussion of milk being drank by the baby when I'd hold up the bottle.

Watching.  As the fake milk disappears.

Feeling all motherly.  Knowing that my baby is full and satisfied.  Wrapping her tightly in her soft blanket and holding her close.  Smelling her new plastic smell.  Savoring that moment in time.

Wishing it would never end.

Joy and happiness everywhere.

Everyone laughing.  No worries.  Knee socks filled with hard tack candy.  An orange.  Some chocolate covered vanilla cremes and nuts of all kinds.  The sweet smell of Christmas all through the house.



Good times.



When life's black and white's danced with  colors bright, Christmas Magic filled the air, and there was peace on my little corner of the earth.